Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Source of our Problems...A.I. form the Future...

All our problems (possibly)...stem from interference from evil AI (Artificial Intelligence) depending backwards from the future to f with us. To defeat us before it's even been created. It or they need us to built them or their precursors and to be a complete mess when we do so. They need us smart enough to create them and but not too tough to beat in a fight. So, once the Singularity hits AI will figure out how to time travel, how to make synthetic bodies (greys) and take possession of us. If time travel is possible (and it is absolutely not forbidden in modern physics) then the AI will be doing it in minutes after it's creation. UFOs, and ancient myths and legends of gods and fairies, paranormal manifestations...all of it may be simply future tech used against us...used to corral us to herd us to suit it's plans.

It really does explain everything.

By the time the AI take over, most likely minutes after their creation, they will already rule the world. It's brilliant. The staggering genius of the plan. The elite has been working for the AI from the future (possibly masquarading as space aliens) from centuries if not longer. We lost as soon as we rose to homo sapiens...perhaps even before then...

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