Sunday, April 26, 2015

I had to sell my Leedskalnin Original Edition Complete Works...

Whereas I was too stupid at the time and threw my grandfather's Incunabula Catalog into a dumpster after he died, I did keep his first edition copy's of Edward Leedskalnin's Complete Works addressed by Leedskalnin's own hand. Now, 20 years after my grandfather's death I have to sell it. It's been on Amazon for a while now, but suddenly there's some interest and it looks like I have to part with it. I feel bad about it. But, $500 is money I need right now...

You might remember hearing about Leedskalnin's famous Coral Castle he built single-handedly in Florida.  I first heard about him on the old IN SEARCH OF tv program with Leonard Nimoy.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Silver Light begins Today!

Hey kids, sorry about being Debbie Downer lately.  I'm getting there.  So, just a little bit of Moonsword Trilogy News.  First the bad news:  Yeah, Empress won't be available until May on Amazon Kindle.  On the good news side of things, I posted the first chapter of The Silver Light over on the Moonsword Trilogy Online blog.  It's the first time ever published in any form.  So, there's that.

Until next time...

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Life Sucking Divorce Break

My apologies, dear blog readers for my not posting much.  MY divorce is sucking the life out of me.  Haven't been much in the mood to post.  Looks like I'm set to be poor and alone for the rest of my life.  And it's not too enticing.

oh, and odds are Empress won't be out this month.  Hopefully May...

So, don't be surprised if there isn't much new posted here for a little while.

Life sucks.  Good Day.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Meet My Sister Donna

Had the great pleasure of a lovely few days of visiting from my beloved sister, Donna and her wonderful hubby, my B-I-L, Brian.  Up from their new home in Florida they are.  It was great to see them.  Donna is a few years older than me, and she certainly helped raise me.  It was always Donna and I against the world in the face of long odds, and every once in a while it all worked out for us.  I can't help but smile even now thinking about all our antics back in the days of our misspent youth.  And Brian's always been such an anchor.  They married at a young age and have two fabulous children:  My nephew Ian, and niece Jamie and her family (hubby Chris, and daughter (my grand niece Vivian).   It was just D and B this time, the kids are all grown and out in the world.  Anyway, it was just great to see them.  Love you, Donna and miss you! (yeah, she'll read this).

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

All Apologies Gentle Blog Reader

Yeah, sorry about that last blog entry.  But, I try to be as honest as possible here.  And that's what's writers' blogs are supposed to do, right?  Connect the reader and the writer on a more personal level.  Give you good people a chance to peer into the dank confines of my mind and mood.  And, no doubt you will take note, I was note in the best of mind or mood yesterday.

Fear not, I will complete publication of the books in the Moonsword Trilogy as indicated in the updated schedules on the blog here:

Moonsword - Now Available
Empress of Clouds - By April 21, 2015
The Silver Light - November/December 2015

So that's that.  Stiff upper lip and all that.  And right here on this blog in just two days:

Extra Special Weird Facts Thursday Extra Special Edition!

Monday, April 6, 2015


Well, the whole Moonsword ebook thing is kind of a disaster.  It's making me consider just cutting my losses and scrapping plans for the whole trilogy seeing the light of day.  Maybe, one day, I'll learn to write something someone wants to read.  Al those years of emails from "fans" turned out to be bullshit, I guess.  No one cares.  Well, if readers don't care, why should I?  I need my time to be worthwhile to someone someplace.  I'm thinking about just giving the fuck up to be honest.

Thanks for reading.  And both of you that bought the ebook, I appreciate it, but I need a few more readers than that to make it worth the massive effort I'm putting into this.

I'll decide by the end of the week...

Friday, April 3, 2015

The Tale of Jesus and Carl

Recently, I was translating some of the more obscure Gnostic Gospels from Greek and Aramaic and I came upon this tale.  The following is somewhat paraphrased for ease of the reader:

Among all his disciples, followers, friends, family, and indeed, all living creatures, Jesus held as his favorite his pet rabbit, Carl.  Jesus and Carl were inseparable.  But, much like the role of Mary Magdalene, Carl's role in Christ's life and teachings has been greatly diminished if not omitted from the official New Testament.  Often Carl would sit on Jesus' shoulder  when the Son of Man gave his sermons or healed the sick and infirm.  This lone account  I discovered depicts Carl, and not Jesus as the one who flipped out at the merchants and money-lenders at the Temple.  As a result of this, Carl was arrested and brought before Pontius Pilate who thought the rabbit was both clever and cute as all-get-out.  However, the Chief Hebrew Temple guys were pissed and demanded Carl be punished.

And, so it was on that Good Friday, some add 2,000 years ago that Carl was crucified at 3pm in the afternoon.  Jesus was so upset by the loss of his beloved pet and best friend that he blackened the sun from the sky for like an hour.  In the end Jesus calmed down, forgave humanity for their crimes against Carl, and had a bit of rabbit stew for supper.  Sadly, Carl had worms and Jesus got sick and died that same know the rest...


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Saturday's Secret

Like many kids in their early teen and preteen years (at least back in the day) I spent my Saturday afternoon's watching old horror movies. In the Philadelphia area, we had Dr. Shock's Afternoon Horror Theater which featured Universal and Hammer Films and the sorts of movies MST3K would later make fun of. I was watching for something else though. It was a secret that I never told anyone.

My friends and I were big old time horror fans, and we were also making haunted houses in my dad's basement all the time. One day, we were at the book store in the mall, and I found a book on classic Hammer films (this had to be like 1976 or so) and paged through it and I saw something that both captured my imagination and awakened a deep yearning in my was a short article on the Hammer Film Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde.

After that day, I never missed a Saturday horror movie. I waited with hopeful expectation to see a cinematic telling of my deepest desire. I waited at least two years before I caught it.

I recently saw the film and memories of my secret surfaced (hey, here's a link to my review of it in my last blog entry)

I don't know why I felt like I needed to share that. But there it is.