Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Saturday's Secret

Like many kids in their early teen and preteen years (at least back in the day) I spent my Saturday afternoon's watching old horror movies. In the Philadelphia area, we had Dr. Shock's Afternoon Horror Theater which featured Universal and Hammer Films and the sorts of movies MST3K would later make fun of. I was watching for something else though. It was a secret that I never told anyone.

My friends and I were big old time horror fans, and we were also making haunted houses in my dad's basement all the time. One day, we were at the book store in the mall, and I found a book on classic Hammer films (this had to be like 1976 or so) and paged through it and I saw something that both captured my imagination and awakened a deep yearning in my was a short article on the Hammer Film Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde.

After that day, I never missed a Saturday horror movie. I waited with hopeful expectation to see a cinematic telling of my deepest desire. I waited at least two years before I caught it.

I recently saw the film and memories of my secret surfaced (hey, here's a link to my review of it in my last blog entry)

I don't know why I felt like I needed to share that. But there it is.

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