Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ali Part II

So, where was I?

Ali Lowitzer. My Ali and the Missing Ali. My Ali was dressed in boys jeans, sneakers and a black and red hoodie. She had very short, dyed black hair, double pierced ears and nose. She left Texas in short order, probably a runaway. Was the right height. And looked a lot like the girl in the picture. The missing Ali had double pierced ears and nose. She disappeared from Texas, probably a runaway. There was an excellent chance it was the same person. There was the difference between the age my Ali and the missing Ali, but that was only two years. I decided to act.

First thing, I went downstairs and dug through the trash and found the bloody paper towel and placed it in a clear plastic bag. I found the address to the T-Mobile store, dunkin donuts and the apartment complex. I got the phone number Ali called which matched a number that called our house the next day when were at work. I sent all the information down to the Sheriff's Office in Texas. A deputy contacted me and had me work through the local police. I went to the station on Friday with my evidence baggy and gave a formal recorded statement. Ironically, it was snowing so I wore my dearstalker cap. I went back today and identified a person in a picture...my Ali. Who is not Ali Lowitzer. So, I wasted police resources in two states, may have gotten a grieving family's hopes up, and probably got an innocent young woman harassed by the police. Not the ending I was hoping for. So, it turned out not to be the most amazing thing in my life, but yet, another unmitigated disaster.  My work here is done.  And that's the whole sorry story.

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  1. I still think you took a chance and did the right thing. Very proud of you.