Monday, March 30, 2015

Ghosts on the Event Horizon

I'm intrigued by this idea. It has a dash of gravitas, doesn't it? That what we experience around us might not be real. That's an old, old idea. It's at the heart of mysticism and many religions and philosophies.

It is theorized that everything that enters a black hole is sort of recorded by the event horizon, stretched out into two dimensional echoes of worlds, stars, and galaxies. Our universe has holographic properties, so many so that Fermilabs has built a Holometer to test for a specific holographic property. This could be evidence of many things: simulations, recordings, even simply the reality happens to be holographic. What if it is a holographic recording/ echo of our universe? The real universe that once existed before it was swallowed up into the black hole. We are simply echoes of things, the memories of quantum interactions entangled before our doom. Perhaps, the Big Bang is the the history leading up to our universe's all-consuming black hole, but in reverse time. Or not. Probably, according the the Simulation Hypothesis, we're just someone's simulation or recording, but that just not a sexy as us being ghosts on the event horizon of the black hole that ate our universe.

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