Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Case of the Missing Girl

I have encountered a situation that has taken me away from my formatting and editing work on Moonsword.  In fact, I'm not going to make my deadline of the Spring Equinox for the Kindle Release.  I'll still have the book out this month...March though.  I promise.

An extremely delicate case has come to my doorstep (literally), and I have had to answer the call.  I am involved (after a bizarre series of events) with a five year old missing persons case.  I believe I have discovered the whereabouts of a young woman who disappeared as a teen.  I chanced to help a young woman, a homeless runaway who had a minor medical emergency.  I rendered first aid, provided food, and gave a ride and some money, only to discover later after looking up some of the scant details she provided, that she was likely the center of a nationally publicized missing persons case.  I have determined her current address and even have a DNA sample (a paper towel with a little of her blood on it from her injury).  I am moving forward cautiously, but hope to have good news on the case shortly.

I apologize for delays in getting the ebook of Moonsword released.  It will be available late this month though, fear not.

Remind me to tell you of my last case from a couple of years ago, The Case of the Governess and the Vampires.  Seriously.

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