Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My TransTemporal Communications via Quantum Manipulation Experiments

A couple of years ago, I had an idea.  The idea would eventually work its way into becoming a major plot point in A Dancer in the Infinite, but first it manifested into the world as an experiment in something only tangentially related.  But, first, exactly what is TransTemporal Communiciations let alone Quantum Manipulation?  TransTemporal is made up of two Latin words:  trans, meaning across (like a TransAtlantic flight) and temporal, meaning relating to time.  So it seems that TransTemporal would mean across time, like time travel.  Therefore TransTemporal Communications is communications across time.  Now, this blog post is a form of TransTemporal Communication as you wouldn't read this message at the same time it was sent.  It's a form of communication with the future.  My idea was to test if there was a way to get a message in return from the future.  This is where my idea came in.

There will be a point in the future where, if time travel is feasible, it will be achieved (provided humanity makes it to that point) at least on a modest level.  How could such a message be sent or received?  I remembered that the current theory is that Tachyons were quantum particles that travel backwards in time.  If we had a way to watch for Tachyons at a precise time and location, people from the future could tachyons could be back to our detector.  The only way future people would know if people from the past were looking would be to send the future people a message and have a technology in place to receive said message.  Being as Tachyons are largely theoretical particles, no one has a ready to go tachyon detector I could use in the area.

So, I thought to use the next best thing:  A quantum event generator.  Priceton's PEAR Labs sells a real quantum-based Random Event Generator that puts out a simple binary output readable by computer.  It was a couple of years ago, before a was broke, so I ordered the REG-1 from PEAR Labs.  The device is generally used for psychic research and is very similar to the monitors for the Human Consciousness Project.  Basically, in addition to running tests, you can just turn the REG-1 on and it will monitor the ambient "sycnchronicity" level the unit's vicinity.

For my series of experiments, I ran the generator for five minutes about five times over a month.  I would not look at the results (I just stored it on my computer).  I would then print out the exact time and coordinates of the experiment and used five different techniques for transmitting my "ready to receive at such and such a time a place" message to the future.  One I stuck in an old book.  One a sealed and put in a drawer somewhere.  One I posted on the internet.  One I stuck in the classifieds of an obscure magazine.  One a sealed in a time capsule and buried it in my backyard.

So, the idea was that if people in the future who had access to Quantum Manipulation Technology, such that they could manipulate the outcome of my REG-1, received my message that I would be ready and waiting for their message back...they may make the effort to send a simple Morse Code message back using the binary outcomes of the REG-1.  I waited a day for the first message.  A week for the next.  Two for the next.  A month for the next.  And I never checked the outcome of the last.

The results?  Jibberish.  Those who understand statistics will understand when I say how low the Z-scores were.  Others should note that the statistical variability of the message met simple random expectations, and that translating the output of the REG-1 from binary to Morse Code, also resulted in nonsense and jibberish.  So, I drew the conclusion that most likely the experiment didn't work because the required critiera were not met: no one who found my message in the future had the ability (or desire) to communicate with me via the type of Quantum Manipulation that I could pick up on my REG-1. 

Now, the creepy part.  The last experiment.  One day last spring I was grilling up something or other in my backyard.  This guy and three kids are in the woods behind my house and the start to come on to my yard.  I asked them what they were doing, advising them that it was private property they were on.  The adult of the group said they were geo-caching, and their device said something was supposed to be hidden right on that spot.  It was the spot I had buried the time capsule.  I kicked them out of my yard, politely, of course.  Freaky.  Probably coincidence, but still hinky.  I may try this again sometime.  I'll let you all know.

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