Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Confessions of Frankenstein(GIRL) to Join The Locket and Other Tales

Whelp, just got my rejection for "The Confessions of Frankenstein(GIRL)" for QUEERS DESTROY SCIENCE FICTION.  They liked it a lot, but passed on it.  They only wanted original work and that story was pubbed in TG Tapestry ten years ago.  So, it firms up the line-up for The Locket and Other Tales and will allow me to get that one out much quicker.  The collection is leaning towards gothic TG stories and I'll try and write another story, perhaps a Lovecraftesque "The Girl on the Doorstep".  I haven't written anything TG in forever, but with Leila Alcorn, Lili Elbe and Chelsea Manning on my mind lately, it's probably not a bad idea.  So, time to email Shayla Mist and get her cracking on another ebook cover...

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