Monday, February 9, 2015

A Quick blog Post

So, I'm checking things off the old  To Do List and here I am come to Write a quick blog Post.  Sigh.  I got nuthin'.   Let me think. Hmmm.  Well.  I had to layoff one of my employees today, and I feel pretty bad about it.  Hopefully we can bring him back soon.   I edited and put up a couple of chapters (41 and 42 there on the MSTO (MoonSword Trilogy Online) Blog.  I'm about out of energy as got up early this morning (4 am) to leave early for work as the weather was uncertain (possible ice, sheet, freezing rain) and we have that in the forecast for overnight as well so I have to get up at that time again tomorrow morning.  Had to put out a ton of money to get brakes fixed on the ex's SUV today.  That sucked.  Sigh.  Had homemade Beef-a-roni for dinner with my dad.  Watched a little Jeopardy with him.  That one dude, he's pretty good.  Well, it's a pretty damned boring blog post, but it's what I got.  And that's a check off the list for blog post...

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  1. Laying off people is never easy and always sad. I feel bad for you. Has the weather been worse this year than the rest up there? It seems if it has!