Saturday, February 28, 2015

My Second Favorite Book in the English Language

And frankly, my favorite book in the English language should be shaking in its proverbial boots right now.  I first read this book on vacation in Mexico last April (2014).  I had seen the movie John Dies at the End a few months before  (which you should definitely check out as well) and got this book and JDAE from author David Wong (from fame AKA Jason Pargain).  I read this one first as advised by Mr. Wong's narrator, a character named David Wong.

It's a comedy-horror-science fiction-thriller-literary masterpiece.  Seriously.  A tale of interdimensional spiders, zombies, and most importantly the nature of human nature.  It has brilliant writing and deep insight into the world and humanity.  And it's funny as hell.

When we were in Mexico, when we would leave the room, I would leave the book on the coffee table.  We we would come back from the beach, the maids had placed a coaster with a glass on it over the picture of the whole in the book.  One presumes this was to keep the spiders trapped inside.


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