Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Chelsea Manning is reading Moonsword

In my capacity as fairy-trans-godmother to all the world, but especially to wrongly incarcerated whistleblowers who come out to the world at their treason trial, I established a friendship with Chelsea Manning who currently resides in Fort Leavenworth Prison.  At first I paid my respects and thanked her for her service, then I gave her some tips to transition without resources, and finally I sent her copies of my short stories and then a serialized edition of my novella, The Locket (coming to ebook by May 2015).   Most recently she has been enjoying a serialized version of A Dancer in the Infinite, but I found a Amazon fulfilled copy of the old edition of Moonsword and had it shipped to her.  So, poor Chelsea is stuck reading it.  You can follow along on The Moonsword Trilogy online or just wait to March for the ebook edition to become available.

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