Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Radio silence...'cause I'm busy...

I, taking a couple of days off from this blog to work on getting Moonsword ready for uploading, Cleaning up Empress, and revising The Silver Light (which is not bad at all. I was pleased at how good the writing was--I remembered it being rougher), I feel like Peter Jackson must have felt with getting the Fellowship ready for DVD release, finishing editing on Two Towers, and doing post preduciton of Return all at the same time.  Empress is ahead of schedule, so the new release schedule of my upcoming Amazon Kindle Releases is as Follow:

Moonsword - March 2015
Empress of Clouds - April 2015
The Locket and Other Tales - June 2015
The Silver Light - November 2015
The Complete Moonsword Trilogy - December 2015

So, I'll post a Thursday, Weird Facts Blog...but until then...

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  1. Thanks for release dates. Looking forward to Thursday as always.