Sunday, January 25, 2015

7th Best Transgender Person of All Time?

According to the website Listnerd I am the 7th Best TG Individual of all freaking time:

No, seriously, it says that.  I, in my exalted status, have to comment on this nonsense.  First, how does one rate the Bestness of a trans person?  I'm not the hotness, I'm not close to the hotest.  And now, I'm mad at myself for suggesting hotness was a factor in bestness.  That's kind of sexist.  Sorry.  Well, moving on, I'm not the most important historically, not close.  I'm not the most politically active.  I had my moments in the mass media, but I'm certainly not the most famous.  I'm not the seventh most important trans writer.  I have strong, but narrow cult following for my two fantasy books, a few fans for my short stories, and a couple of people who like me because of my AW posts.  In short the kind of people who search this shit out and vote for their faves.  But, there are far too many people who belong ahead of me on this list.  People I looked up to:  Christine Jorgensen, Caroline Cossey, Wendy Carlos.  Or people were more in the public eye, like: Jamison Green (who I had the pleasure of meeting), Jenny Boylan, Deirdre McClosky.  Or trans writers and activists like:  Rikki Wilchins, Kate Borenstein or Denise LeClair.   And seriously, Listnerd, Alexis Arquette is the best trans person of all time?  I'm not buying it.

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