Friday, January 16, 2015

A Dancer in the Infinite Synopsis SPOILER ALERT!!!

This is the official synopsis for my newest novel (currently seeking representation and publication):

A Dancer in the Infinite/Diana Hignutt
(about 75,000 words)
The book fictionally explores cutting edge quantum theories through conversations and scenes, unfolding ideas including the Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, and ties the Simulation Hypothesis to historical European Cathar Gnosticism.  The story also delves into the controversial theory of Morphic Resonance, and the very nature of reality itself.
It is the story of Marie Brabant, an American woman in her forties, who runs away from her old life, escaping from an abusive relationship with her husband, Roger. Marie seeks refuge in a cheap hotel in southern New Jersey to plan her next move and discovers an opportunity to work in a bucolic retreat in the South of France.  Selling her few possessions, Marie buys a plane ticket and begins an adventurous journey to the Montagne Noire in Languedoc.
     Marie arrives in the tiny mountain village of Labastide Esparbairenque and the Chateau de Pays m des Merveilles, (Castle Wonderland), where a small group of quantum physicists are working on a secret project.  The scientists have built a device called the Many Worlds Quantum Interface (MWQI) which allows them to converse with other versions of themselves throughout the Multiverse. 

Marie is the key to their further plans.  Due to a genetic mutation Marie is the perfect candidate to travel to other universes.  The scientists, led by the British Dr. Rian Jenkins, had anticipated Marie’s arrival because their colleagues in other universes have been successfully using their own versions of Marie for hyper-dimensional travel.  They advise Marie that they are attempting to find a way to thwart an inter-dimensional invasion of the protozoa Toxoplasma Gondii, or Toxies for short, a brain parasite that is infecting and subverting the will of warm-blooded creatures throughout the Multiverse.  They appeal for Marie’s help to stop the Toxies’ all but inevitable hyper-dimensional conquest.
     Marie agrees to help the scientists and is flung off to other dimensions, other times, other realities in a search of an answer to stop the Toxies.  She visits other versions of her own world, to discover that other Castle Wonderlands, scientists, and Maries are being killed by an enemy she could not expect.

(okay, in fairness and full disclosure, the actual official synopsis contains the plot resolution that I will not post anytime soon)

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