Monday, January 19, 2015

My Passion for Sherlock Holmes

Here's something most people don't know about me:  I love Sherlock Holmes.  I first met Holmes as incarnated by Basil Rathbone, as my best friends' father, the late and wonderful William Watson made the introduction by watching his adventures on the TV on Saturday afternoons.  I did not fall in love with the great detective at the time though he did peek my interest.  For Christmas, whatever year I was 14 years old, my mom gave me the complete series of Sherlock Holmes books... and then I fell in love with Holmes and his steady, loyal companion Watson.  I almost wore those books out reading them so much, they even managed to displace my beloved Tarzan and other Edgar Rice Burrows books as my primary reading fare.

At college, UMBC, at the time, I first saw the fabulous Mr. Jeremy Brett portray the great detective in the late eighties, and I knew that was the definitive dramatic presentation of Holmes.

When I had the misfortune of getting sick in France and ended up unable to read or write for over a week, I signed up for French Netflicks and made a silver lining for myself watching Cumberbatch Holmes and Biblo Watson in Sherlock.  A masterful series, but once I quickly burned through it, I discovered that I could watch the BBC Jeremy Brett series for free on Youtube.  God bless the internet.

I have actually consulted on a few cases, of a more paranormal nature than Mr. Holmes encountered (aside from that puppy in the moors, of course)...and actually managed to help a few people here and there...using tricks I learned from the great detective.

And Holmes makes an appearance in A Dancer in the Infinite, of course.

So, yes, I love Sherlock Holmes.  He's the only man for me.

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