Sunday, January 25, 2015

Findelbres - My Favorite Character

As you know, dear blog reader, I've been working on cleaning up my first novel, re-editing it (incorporating the edits my editor for Empress, Kristan Ryan, had suggested when Four Elements took a failed stab at publishing the trilogy (Kristan worked freelance on Moonsword, to be clear), posting it online, and readying the project for an exclusive Amazon kindle release (looks like it should come out right around the Spring Equinox.  Anyway, I finally got to the part in the text when Findelbres shows up.  Findelbres, the Faerie warrior and faithful friend to Tolian, is not only a fan favorite, but almost certainly my personal favorite of my characters.  I know, that sounds like a mother telling the world who her favorite child is. I can't help it.  He's my favorite.  He's aloof, nuanced, ethereal, and pragmatic.  He's a smart-ass.  He's a know-it-all.  He's mysterious.  And he has a heart of gold.  I love the guy.  It is so much fun revisiting him and the rest of the characters and lands in the trilogy.  I had forgot so much of it.  Oh well, back to work...

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