Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Dancer in the Infinite - Currently Seeking Representation.


Writing a book is the easy part.  If anyone reading this happens to be a top notch literary agent (or publisher, what the hey) let me know.  I'm shopping my most recently completed novel.  Here's the skinny on it:

A Dancer in the Infinite is the tale of Marie Brabant, an American woman in her forties, who upon escaping from an abusive relationship in New Jersey, travels to a small, rural village in the Montagne Noire of France where she finds herself in the center of a secret project involving reclusive quantum physicists, Cathar history, hyper-dimensional travel, and an inter-dimensional invasion of brain parasites out to conquer the Multiverse.

 To write this novel, I moved to the tiny village of Labastide Esparbairenque in the mountains of ancient Languedoc in France for three months.  I extensively visited each location mentioned in the book, including the Cite’ in Carcassonne, the ruins of the four mountaintop Cathar castles of Lastours, and the Cubservies Cascades.  The chateau of the books’ quantum physicists, Chateau de Pays m des Merveilles, or Castle Wonderland in English, is set in Labastide Esparbairenque itself.  I have spent the last several years studying quantum mechanics with special emphasis on the Many Worlds Interpretation.
I promise to keep readers of this blog updated on the publishing process as it unfolds.  Hopefully, soon I'll be able to report that I've netted an agent.  Check back!

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