Thursday, January 15, 2015

Weird Facts Thursday!

A new fun, regular feature here at the blog.  On Thursdays I'll share weird and vaguely interesting facts about myself and the universe in which I seem to exist.

I recently obtained a violin and am teaching myself to play.  Sadly, I had to sell my guitars to pay for my trip to France, and I wanted to maintain my musical expression, and violin's are cheap.

I have never seen:  Godfather 1,2,or 3, ... , Rocky, It's a Wonderful Life, or Gone with the Wind.

I am currently reading The Princess Bride by William Goldman on my Kindle.

My three favorite rock bands are Muse, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin,  I almost got to interview Matt Bellamy of Muse when I went to London in, what? 2009 was it?  Fell though, despite having been assured by his PR people I could get in to ask him a couple of questions for a freelance interview.

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