Monday, January 19, 2015

The Fabric of Reality by David Deutsch

This was the last book I read before embarking on the writing of A Dancer in the Infinite, and the writing was informed by it.  Deutsch makes a strong case for the MWI (Many Worlds Interpretation) of Quantum Mechanics, using the logic of quantum mechanics computation theory, epistemology, and evolution, or the four strands as he calls them, and claiming they already provide the much vaunted Theory of Everything when taken together.  What with the Oscar buzz about the Stephen Hawking bio-pic by the same name, and the Alan Turing bio-pic The Imitation Game, Deutsch's book seems shockingly topical, as Turing's work is mentioned constantly.  It's not a easy read, but certainly not inaccessible and the challenge is well worth it to the dedicated reader.

One of the things I tried to do (and I think I did) was use Deutsch's ideas as springboard to exploring parallel and nested universes, simulations, and how they all might interact.

I ended up giving my copy to John Fanning, my friend and host at La Muse who shares similar interests.

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