Thursday, January 22, 2015

Weird Facts Thursday 2

Hi dedicated blog readers!  It's time for our weekly feature where I share some weird facts.

-This week 106 years ago, January 20-26 of 1909 the largest collection of Jersey Devil sightings occurred in Southern New Jersey (and Eastern PA).  As you may know, the Jersey Devil is NJ's resident celebrity monster and state mascot.  By some legends he was born in Pleasantville in the early 1700's to a Woman named Mother Leeds, and being, in fact, her thirteenth born he sprouted wings and flew out the chimney.  Other legends claim this being (or beings) was always here.  The early Swedish settlers dislike the depths of the desolate Pine Barrens, calling them Drake Kils, or Place of Dragans. Most commonly the beast is described as vaguely human size but with fur, cloven hooves, a horse-like head and giant bat wings.  But, in the week in January in 1909 the strange beast was seen by hundreds of witnesses all over the place.  Hoof prints in the snow on rooftops, across laws, up the sides of buildings.  Reports came in the the devil was killing pets.  He was seen in Bristal, PA, Trenton and Mullica Hill, NJ, and everywhere between.  Though mainly these days the Jersey Devil has been keeping himself to his familiar haunts in the NJ Pine Barrens.  As a Jersey staple, the Jersey Devil makes an appearance in my second novel, Empress of Clouds.

-I'm really enjoying reading The Princess Bride on my Kindle.

-This is the 20th anniversary of my beginning writing Moonsword according to my old journal.  Wow. time flies.

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