Sunday, January 11, 2015

Welcome to my Brand New Blog!

Long suffering fans of novelist, activist, and weirdo, Diana Hignutt rejoice!  I've finally made a blog that I'm willing to put my name on.  Just for you! You lucky, lucky people.  I'll share my writing and publishing news, bits of my activism, and the frankly, weird crap that I'm interested in.

Those of you who know me as the author of trans fiction like my novels Moonsword, Empress of Clouds, or my short stories, The Compassion, or The Confessions of Frankenstein(GIRL) might not know that I am keenly interested in Quantum Mechanics, specifically in the Many Worlds Interpretation.  Those of you who know me as the poet behind The Flight of A Wild might not know I was trans.  Those of you who knew me as a brilliant marketing genius in the publishing industry might not know that I write stuff.  Those of you who know me as an idealist who tilts windmills regarding corpotyranny or as a trans-activist might not know that I actually run a business for a living.  And those of you who know me for my science fiction novels might not know that I wish more of my novels were published (okay you probably did know that).  Those of you who remember hearing me on the radio, seeing me on TV, or reading about my wife, Liz, and I, might not know that I'm getting divorced (hey, that's life).

My point here, is that I'm a fairly complex individual with lots of interests, which include: writing, publishing, physics, mathematics, mysticism, philosophy, politics, and gardening.  So, this blog will let people learn about all the Many Worlds of Diana Hignutt....get it?

For example, did you know that I lived in a tiny mountain village, Labstide Exparbairenque in southwest France from September through November this past year?  No?  Well, I did.  In fact, it was there that I wrote my most recent novel, A Dancer in the Infinite, which deals with the Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, for which I am currently seeking representation.

Or...did you know that I've decided just to re-edit my first two currently out of print, Spectrum Award Nominated novels, Moonsword and Empress of Clouds and release them as ebooks (and something about finishing that trilogy)?  Well, now you do.

See?  You learned all kinds of stuff, and this was just the first post!  Imagine!

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